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I haven’t been sleeping well lately

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Food prep for the next couple of days: Blueberries, cleaned and chopped vegetables (carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini), marinated sriracha and soy sauce tofu, curried baked sweet potatoes, chopped and sliced watermelon, cleaned and chopped kale, veggies for snacking (grape tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, broccoli), whole wheat banana bread, and fruit prepped for freezing/smoothies (bananas, cherries, and raspberries.)

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i was intoxicated when i made this and at the time it seemed like a really solid masterpiece 

Natalie Dormer SDCC 2014 Portraits by Entertainment Weekly

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being gay is NOT a choice. it is a game and I am winning.


she came from venus - for female scientists, space explorers, aliens, droids and other badass sci-fi ladies (x)

1. electric lady - janelle monáe | 2. into darkness - kyary pamyu pamyu | 3. rapture - blondie | 4. electric girl - she | 5. science fiction double feature - joan jett | 6. love without sound - delia derbyshire | 7. starships - nicki minaj | 8. area 52 - yeah yeah yeahs | 9. human behaviour - björk | 10. art-i-ficial - x-ray spex | 11. major tom (coming home) - shiny toy guns | 12. lost in space - starkey | 13. hello earth - kate bush | 14. sally ride - janelle monáe | bonus track: she blinded me with science - thomas dolby


Sunrise over Towers of Paine

Patagonia, Argentina

Frances Kwok