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littlemoretouchme said:
(((damon and elena i'm sorry))) also percy and annabeth

omg omg omg ok damon & elena

1. elena for sure and damon would always come home to her with the tv on or a book on her face and he’d gently take off the book or turn off the tv and cover her up and just watch her sleep

2. damon lulz 

3. uhhhhh i feel like damon would! and it surprises everybody but he just really has a talent for the culinary arts ya know

4. ELENA. damon will literally watch any crappy tv show that elena loves and make fun of it the whole time but secretly really really like it (he especially loves pretty little liars)

5. elena tbh

6. idk neither

7. they have a little teeny yorkie named bonnie (hah) and elena LOVES it and damon says he hates it cuz it barks too much and he never liked animals anyways but every now and then elena catches damon asleep with bonnie on the couch or giving her a treat and a kiss on the nose


1. percy, and annabeth gets mad because he does it ALL the time and never actually sleeps in their bed

2. annabeth i think, and she always rolls percy out of bed bc he never gets up on time

3. they both do bc annabeth makes them share the chore, but she’s waaaay better

4. neither of them rly watch tv but if anything it’s annabeth watching a nat geo special that percy has no interest in whatsoever

5. percy cuz he literally can’t function wfter he wakes up


7. percy has a giant fish tank and annabeth hates it but always ends up cleaning it anyways because percy just likes playing around with all the sea critters

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Send me a ship and i’ll say:


  • who falls asleep on the couch
  • who wakes up first
  • who cooks the most
  • who’s in charge of the tv remote
  • who takes the longest getting ready
  • who takes up most of the bed
  • if/what pets they have
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light; for the days when you feel everything at once; energy mixing with hope mixing with love mixing with the bright sunlight on your skin. {listen}

i. Come On Eileen // Dexy’s Midnight Runners

ii. Take Your Time (Coming Home) // Fun.

iii. Roll Away Your Stone // Mumford & Sons

iv. The Call // Regina Spektor

v. She Looks So Perfect // 5 Seconds of Summer

vi. Lemon Trees // The Young Romans

vii. Girls // The 1975

viii. Pas De Cheval // Panic! At The Disco

ix. New Soul // Yael Naim

x. Kill Your Heroes // Awolnation

darkness; for the nights when you feel everything at once; nostalgia mixing with lust mixing with discontentment mixing with the dark damp air. {listen}

i. Robbers // The 1975

ii. Awake My Soul // Mumford & Sons

iii. Feel So Close // Calvin Harris

iv. Slow & Steady // Of Monsters & Men

v. Oblivion // Bastille

vi. The End of All Things // Panic! At The Disco

vii. Sweet Disposition // The Temper Trap

viii. Smother // Daughter

ix. Give Me Love // Ed Sheeran

x. Never Let Me Go // Florence & The Machine

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Leave all your love and your longing behind
You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive